System overview

The patientsDB system brings together all the systems needed for managing labor, supplies and financials in one place.  It gives your operational managers a clear view of all cost-related decisions as they occur in the operational setting every day, in time to make a difference. The patientsDB system organizes these decisions into three main parts: Group Admin, Hospital Ops, and Dashboard.  Each of these then provides access to an array of features for supporting decisions on labor and supply management, margin building, service line management and care coordination. The key difference is that with patientsDB you focus on building margins, not just reviewing them. 


What drives system design? For us, it's the operational setting. We built the system for our own operational needs, caring for patients every day. Then refined it over several years. Why? To bring accounting metrics to the bedside and build our own case margins. Because the bedside is where the most important decisions affecting margins are made: 90% of operational costs involve supplies and labor. So the patientsDB Margin Builder TM  automatically informs your operational managers and clinicians on the financial costs of their decisions on workload assignment and supplies at the bedside. Every decision, every patient, every day, while there's still time to make a difference. Seeing targets for each case helps you build margins instead of merely reviewing them. Ask yourself: Does your current decision support system really help you build margins? Or just review them? If you're ready to look at a system built by real operational experts, then patientsDB might be right for you. Read more about our solutions below.


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