Care coordination

Care coordination can mean many things. But it shouldn't require you to use many different systems. That only makes your work difficult and wastes time - time lost searching for information or making reports. We think you should have a system dedicated to care coordination.  The patientsDB system brings together your key operational information. Besides helping you be better informed, patientsDB will save you a lot of time.

But choosing the right company is the most important step you'll make. Our opinion?  Choose a company based on operational experts.  

The patientsDB Care Coordination system was built with you in mind: built by & for care coordinators.  We built it on the job with practicing care coordinators and case managers in a busy city hospital. 



Record & analyze delays, quality, and patient satisfaction issues

• Verify coverage & benefits

• Manage continuity/transition of care

• Perform utilization review

• Performance & Outcomes Management

• Discharge planning

• Coordinate services & post-care follow-up


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