The patientsDB Dashboard tracks both financial and clinical information across all patient care sites: labor, supplies, margins, total cost of care, quality.  Wouldn't you prefer one system to bring all of it together in a single, unified dashboard?  Doing so could save you countless hours.

But choosing the right company is the most important step you'll make. Our opinion?  Choose a company based on operational experts.  

The patientsDB system is exactly that: Built by operational experts.  Contact us to find out how we do it.


• User-controlled on-demand queries

• Real time content & predictive analytics

• Formatted & interactive reports 

• Web-based or mobile reports 

• Intuitive interactive displays

• Microsoft integration - Excel plus your other favorites 

• Relational & online analytical processing (OLAP/ROLAP)

• Multidimensional drill-downs & data discovery


Find out how we do it.  Write to us at the email address shown above for more information.