Labor Manager

Labor is often treated as a fixed cost. Stuck in your GL accounts.  But that wastes capital.  And compromises service efficiency. So we ask, have you considered managing labor as a variable cost?  Every caregiver, every shift? Doing so could save a lot of capital.

The patientsDB Labor Manager is a collection of screens which does exactly that. It helps you change the focus from labor cost to labor productivity

The patientsDB  Patient Reconciliation screen provides an easy way to assign patients to caregivers for each care role on every unit: RN, CNA, PCP, social worker, PT, consultants, and others. Workloads can be balanced and right-sized, and some caregivers may even be freed up to move to understaffed areas. Some call this flexing to volume, a technique shown to get labor productivity on target and thereby avoid unnecessary overtime and contract labor calls.


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