Service line manager

The success of your service lines depends on tracking both financial and clinical information across all patient care sites: labor, supplies, margins, total cost of care, quality.  Wouldn't you prefer one system to bring all of it together in a single, unified dashboard?  Doing so could save you countless hours.

But choosing the right company is the most important step you'll make. Our opinion?  Choose a company based on operational experts.  The patientsDB Service Line Manager is exactly that kind of system: Built by operational experts Contact us to find out how we do it.


Problems with supplies? Disconnected systems? Spotty price lists? Physician preference items? PatientsDB pulls all of it together. A unified, visible display of all your supplies and services with accurate pricing. And all visible in the operational setting in time to make a difference. Recover operational capital by intervening on extravagant items and waste at the moment.


Find out how we do it.  Write to us at the email address shown above for more information.