Hospital Ops


PatientsDB's  Hospital Ops   module brings together all the systems needed for managing labor & supply costs as well as care coordination, quality and patient satisfaction in the operational setting. Hospital ops gives each operational manager a dedicated platform, one unit or service line at a time. Hospital ops gives your operational managers a clear view of labor and supply costs as they occur. First, the Patient Reconciliation screen provides an easy way to assign patients to caregivers for each care role on every unit: RN, CNA, PCP, social worker, PT and consultants. The Margin builder displays each patient's supply items & tests with all related direct costs and current margin to the moment. Then it connects all the resulting resource productivity figures to the Dashboard to enable real-time operational cost & quality accounting and reporting at all levels, from the bedside through the executive offices. So the accounting for all your visits is always up to date, from the moment of admission through all of their patient care events. Everything is in one place. Most important, you'll save enormous amounts of time usually spent re-entering data or collating information for reports.