Dept Admin


PatientsDB's Dept Admin module brings together all the systems needed for managing the careers and productivity of your people. Each department administrator has a dedicated platform, one department or division at a time. It unifies & organizes your administrative procedures for you: credentialing and career history, privileges, team & job assignments, scheduling, salary & benefits and budget accounting. Then it connects all the resulting labor resource figures to the operational setting via our Hospital Ops feature to enable real-time labor cost accounting. So the accounting for all your personnel is always up to date, from their in-processing through all their patient care shifts. Everything is in one place. Most important, you'll save enormous amounts of time usually spent re-entering data or collating information for reports.


 Key Benefits

• Career histories, credentials, salaries, schedules & accounting - one system

• Accurate records of salary and job assignments to the date, for years.

• Formatted & interactive reports for budget accounting

• Complete time records of all shifts, every person: work, administration, education.

• Intuitive scheduling system available over the web

• Automated shift reminders


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