How to make operational cost accounting a reality in your organization? Simply acquiring new software is not the answer. And we say this as a software company. The solution lies in hiring the right team. Each organization is different, with its own needs and priorities. We believe that a company based on operational experts is your best and only viable option. Why? Because you need partners who have worked in healthcare operations and have faced the same problems as your operational managers and executives. We see operations as the next frontier for realizing value, quality and price reduction at the same time. The entire industry is facing enormous pressure to lighten up, reduce costs and move care to less costly settings. Going are the days when top-down vendors can get away with selling bundled client-server systems for risky capital outlays. And gone are the days when costs can be managed by reviewing GL accounts and data mining. Building margins and quality in real-time can make price reduction and profitability a reality at the same time. Be sure to choose a company who has walked in your shoes. A company who can interpret your operational, financial and IT challenges under one roof. That's the patientsDB® system: Built by operational experts. Look into our services below.


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