IT integration

What makes our IT integration better? Because our integration plan is always based on your operational goals. That's where we start, and that's where we finish. To us, integration is not just an IT issue - It is an operational goal.  Why? Because the patient bedside gives you your best and earliest chance to intervene on labor and cost decisions affecting your case margins. PatientsDB integrates your labor and supply systems so that your operational managers can improve case margins every day of the patient's hospital stay, while there's still time to make a difference.

Our team includes both clinical and IT experts with decades of cumulative experience in one company. We have extensive experience in IT integration and application development in the operational setting.  Our expertise includes integrating clinical information across all patient care sites: labor, supplies, margins, total cost of care, quality, facilityOur technical staff are Microsoft Certified Professionals who specialize in data system architecture, enterprise-level system integration such as McKesson Paragon, HL7, ETL procedures for big data, web-based software as a service, mobile apps and data security. If you've faced IT problems and inefficiencies, we can help. Why? Because we too have faced the same problems you have, and solved them. Finally, with patientsDB your integration team is under the same roof as your training and support team. We don't outsource. More efficient for you. Better results for your patients and operational managers.

But choosing the right company is the most important step you'll make. Our opinion?  Choose a company based on operational experts.


Key Benefits

• In-house experts in both operational and technical settings

• Our flexible HL7 engine will save you huge on interfacing costs

• Masters of data system architecture, data normalization, ETL procedures for big data

• In-house expertise in mobile & tablet apps 

• In-house expertise in HIPPA & technical data security policies

• Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 

• Relational & online analytical processing (OLAP/ROLAP)

• Option for hosted cloud-based software as a service (SaaS)


Find out how we do it.  Write to us at the email address shown above for more information.