The patientsDB system is your one Enterprise Resource Planning platform for managing value-based care across all of your departments: costs of care, predictive analytics, staff scheduling, workforce management, time and attendance, capital planning, and budgeting.

Leading financial indicators of service productivity based on contribution margin analytics. One source of truth. All in real-time.



The patientsDB system shows you leading indicators of financial stability for managing value-based care. Case contribution margins and patient-level costs of care? In front of your eyes. Productivity metrics for staff and supplies? Right there. Predicting your return on invested capital? At the click of a button. Price points for your services? A breeze.

One light system for management and analytics. You work smarter by moving beyond costly outdated software systems.

A P&L statement on every visit: Key performance indicators on your services and the professionals who provide them. PatientsDB illuminates your path to financial stability.


The patientsDB system does more.  For less.  Find out how we do it.  Call us at 212.740.3162.