Labor & supplies

PDB shows you cash flow and true

costs for every case and procedure.

It lets your operational managers

see labor and supply costs at the

bedside and select the best option 

to ensure that your case margins

remain positive every day.

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True margins & costs

We're sure you'll be more successful

if you can build the margin you want,

instead of reviewing the one you

don't.  PDB's Margin Builder TM  shows

predictive analytics on costs, margins

and pricing so you can steer toward

financial sustainability.

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   System integration

We base our integration plan on your

operational goals. Our team of operational

experts and data scientists cover Big Data, 

interoperability, system integration, 

data system architecture, web apps, 

MS SQL Server, ETL, data normalization, 

HL7, 6 Sigma, HIPAA and data security.

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Tired of wondering whether your procedures and services are cash flow positive?  The patientsDBTM cost and revenue accounting software system can show you.  At the click of a button.

Seeing and reacting to case margins and true costs is key to maintaining profitability.  So knowing the true profit and loss of your patients and services is essential.  But think about this: How long would it take you to calculate the true margins and costs on every patient?  Doing it right could take weeks and weeks of accounting time.  Or months.  Painful.  Too little, too late.  PDB does it in seconds.  A P&L statement on every patient, every visit, every procedure.  At the click of a button.  So clinicians and managers can improve labor and supply productivity and build case margins in the patient care setting, while there’s still time to make a difference.

How?  At PDB we have something special.  We developed a cost and revenue allocation algorithm that accounts for every penny in your GL.  It tells you exactly  how many resources are consumed in labor, supplies and time for every case, across all your sites.  Our allocation technology is what makes PDB different from most business intelligence and dashboard systems.  It uses several techniques at once to allocate costs in proportion to the resources you actually use while caring for patients. One of those techniques is called activity-based cost or ABC accounting.  PDB makes it accessible to managers and executives up to the minute every day.

Knowing your true costs and margins can put you weeks and weeks ahead.  You see cost overruns immediately instead of weeks or months later.  And that’s good for your financial health.

A system built by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals.  We built the patientsDBTM system as healthcare professionals on the job.  We built it for ourselves facing the same challenges you face every day.  So when you call for support, you’ll be talking to a colleague, not just a technician.  Your choice: Installed inside your firewall or provided as a cloud-based service.  Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) paid monthly as an operating expense will save you money and avoid costly capital outlays, and offers a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  Try before you buy: Our trial offer lets you test the waters using a sample of your own data.

PatientsDBTM: Case margins in seconds.