Labor & supplies

The patientsDB® system shows you cash

flow and true costs for every case and

procedure.  It lets your operational 

managers see labor and supply costs 

at the bedside and select the best  

option to ensure that your case margins

remain positive every day.

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True margins & costs

We're sure you'll be more successful

if you can build the margin you want,

instead of reviewing the one you

don't.  PatientsDB® Margin Builder   

shows predictive analytics on costs, 

margins and pricing so you can

steer toward financial sustainability.

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   System integration

We base our integration plan on your

operational goals. Our team of operational

experts and data scientists cover Big Data, 

interoperability, system integration, 

data system architecture, web apps, 

MS SQL Server, ETL, data normalization, 

HL7, 6 Sigma, HIPAA and data security.

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Margins, Quality & Value


And we approach quality and patient satisfaction the same way: Don't just review it. Build it. In real-time. Every patient, every day. The patientsDB system helps you attribute cost and quality issues to their source, avoid cost overruns, and recover capital. Read more about our Margin BuilderCare Coordination and Quality solutions below.


Reports at the click of a button:

CEO Dashboard - Executive summary of volume, revenue, direct & indirect costs by service line.

Service Line Drill-down - Volume, revenue, direct labor & operating costs, margins, with drill-down to item level.

Downstream Net Contribution by Physician - Volume, revenue, operating costs & margins by primary physician across service units, departments & other factors.

Patient Tracking - Volume, revenue, operating costs & margins by patient across sites, service lines, departments.

Referral Tracking - Volume, revenue, operating costs & margins by referring physician across sites, service lines, departments.

Validation - Reconcile to your existing standard reports for volume, revenue & costs.


According to industry experts

  • Total cost of providing care - Organizations need to measure, attribute, and intervene on direct costs across care settings in real-time.
  • Data mining has become a fashionable way to view - or review - data trends. Powerful, maybe. But too little, too late.
  • An activity-based costing method is the best way to do this. But only a few can do it now. 


  • How do your operational managers identify and intervene on direct cost overruns as they occur?
  • Do they use activity-based accounting to measure both labor and supply costs as direct, variable costs every day?
  • Do they rank your providers by resource productivity and efficiency on implants, supplies, labor, revenue and quality?

Our Margin Builder and Care Coordination screens help solve these urgent problems by identifying the source of cost overruns and ranking care providers on resource productivity and efficiency using activity-based accounting in the operational setting, in time to make a difference.

Find out how we do it.  Write to us at the email address shown above for more information.