Cybersecurity and IT Spend


Are large IT vendors suitable partners for medium and small-sized hospitals?

Do the alarming cybersecurity risks and excessive price tags of these IT mega-vendors outweigh the meager benefits they deliver?

Thankfully, today you have safer, less expensive options for reducing cyber-risk and IT spend at the same time.



Risk and cost

Hospitals have depended on large legacy IT systems for years.
Undelivered promises and unjustifiable costs, especially for smaller facilities:
  • High IT spend
  • Rigid lock-ins
  • Escalating cyber-risk


The bigger the price, the harder they fall

A costly surprise for Kronos clients:

[The cyberattack highlights the] "liability associated with relying on third-party software for payroll functions."

Like Kronos, unfortunately, many of these large IT mega-companies aren't even healthcare specific:

So 8 million employees in companies like Whole Foods, Rolling Hills Country Club, MGM Casino Resorts, GameStop... and community hospitals ???

 And Kronos still talks about their "time-tracking software — working in tandem with our time clocks."

Time clocks ???    Seriously?   Still?


Bringing control back home to reduce risk

Forward-thinking hospitals are moving beyond massive cyber-vulnerable vendor systems.

Daniel Barchi, SVP & CIO of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital:
"We began using machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate a lot of our back-end workflows."
"So it's payroll, it's timekeeping, employees clocking in and clocking out."


Agile, healthcare-specific IT solutions

Smaller, more agile, more modern IT companies like patientsDB and our partners are a much better fit
for small and medium hospitals to do workforce management, time and attendance, and payroll.

  • One platform for management and analytics under your team's control.
  • Secure your business operations in a way the mega-vendors just can't.
  • Modern machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to ease administrative workflow.
  • And you save tens of thousands on your IT spend.


PatientsDB: The only true Enterprise Management Platform on the market today for managing resource productivity and financial stability across all your services.


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