A system built by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals.


Our start

After developing and using the system ourselves on the job at the patient bedside, we started patientsDB as a privately owned and operated company in New York. As healthcare professionals at US hospitals, we - like you - endured the frustrating drudgery of the current over-priced, under-delivered healthcare software market. Companies who constantly call your attention to their "rankings." Spoiler alert: Software designed by investors and engineers for investors and engineers. Please, enough is enough, don't you agree?

So we just went ahead and built a better, more cost-effective Enterprise Performance Management system to provide advanced management and business intelligence, specifically designed for healthcare. An entirely new way of managing operational efficiency and maintaining financial stability across all services.

Then we built and tested the initial prototypes of the system while on the job taking care of patients: The kind of system we needed, as healthcare professionals, to see our own contribution margins, and to share our own ideas for efficiency with the CNO, COO, and CFO. Everyone on the same page every day, one source of truth. Leading indicators of financial stability. Visible to everyone in time to make a difference to the bottom line.

The name patientsDB was born naturally out of our innovations at the bedside. And it was registered as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on June 13, 2017, under serial number 87006538.

Now the company is privately owned and operated, with zero debt, and no external control or venture financing of any kind. And our mission is to pass our efficiency and innovation on to you as lower prices, truly expert customer support, and a far more effective platform to manage and analyze your operational performance.


Our Market

Small and medium urban or rural facilities, critical-access hospitals, surgery centers, and extended care facilities like nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, government and regulatory agencies.


Our Users

CFOs, COOs, service line managers.



To equip you with an easy, affordable system to show you patient-level costs of care through integrated workforce management, time and attendance, supply chain analytics, capital planning, and rolling budgets, leading to solid margins, efficiency, durable financial stability, and value for your patients and payers.



To see healthcare providers confidently offer healthcare services of the highest value at competitive prices that patients demand and deserve.



John Novotny, MD MSc - CEO & Founder

    ColumbiaNorthwestern, Internal Medicine - Brown University

Mohinder Jindal, MSc - CTO

Britnee Cebada, CNA - Sales Specialist, Entrepreneur  


Innovation Partners

Sonoma Valley Hospital


Board of Advisors

John Novotny, MD MSc - Chairman

AJ Novotny, MD - Board Member

Brian Socolow of Loeb & Loeb LLP - Corporate Counsel

Vic Mizzaro, CPA, of Citrin Cooperman LLP - Corporate Accountant


Official & Legal

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