Margin-driven staffing




Rising labor costs are a threat to liquidity and financial stability.


Outdated rearward-facing solutions from non-agile "leading" software  vendors only worsen the problem.


A margin-driven approach to staffing and planning services is a better way to ensure financial stability.





No need to fly blind

  • Your front-line managers need to but can't see operational productivity metrics on the job every day.
  • Your financial execs need but don't have precise staff-level KPIs essential for planning viable services.
  • Neither side can adapt in the moment to maintain financial stability.


Timely financial countermeasures:

  • Concurrent, forward-facing software tools from patientsDB for unified management and analytics.
  • Front-line staff know their services better than anyone.
  • So a better way to manage service profitability is to show them their own metrics in real-time as they provide patient care services.
  • Managers see leading indicators of financial stability trended concurrently.
  • Financial forecasts and planning decisions based on precise staff-level productivity metrics.
  • Adjust staffing levels to match changes in volume and KPIs tied to each staff member's service capacity and contribution margin.
  • So your teams adapt to rising labor costs on an ongoing, rolling basis and steer towards liquidity and financial stability.


PatientsDB: The only true Enterprise Performance Management platform on the market today for managing financial stability across your services.


Ready to try?

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