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If your hospital looks more like


then we built patientsDB for you.


This is the story of how one community hospital steered itself back to financial stability and autonomy:

Sonoma Valley Hospital, a vital community asset, knew they were headed towards financial instability.
Standard P&L-type budget reports hinted at looming insolvency.
Like a patient with a fever, but no clear diagnosis:

So cut services? But which ones?

Layoffs? Then what about the loss of service revenues?


The hospital's existing management and reporting systems were not nearly precise enough to pinpoint the source of the losses
at the patient service level.


Reality hits

  • Leading analytics software vendors could not provide a viable solution for the community hospital case.
  • Price tags so high that a negative ROI was inevitable.
  • Just one more IT silo separating management from analytics.

So saying no to the mega-vendors, they went with a more innovative, more flexible, more unified solution
specifically suited to their community hospital setting: patientsDB.


What they got

  • A detailed map to restructure services for financial stability.
  • One source of truth: Which services to reduce, and which to expand.
  • A precision tool for negotiating viable payer contracts.

Bottom line: Not only financial stability. A better way to manage every day.


What they said

Peggy Broussard Wheeler, California Hospital Association:

"As small rural hospitals across the country struggle to survive, one North Bay hospital — cash-strapped Sonoma Valley Hospital — is 'defying gravity.'"


Kelly Mather, CEO, Sonoma Valley Hospital 2010 to 2020:

"I feel like we finally know what to do. Amazing."
Our management and costing system "is light years ahead of most other community hospitals, and even many larger ones."


"It’s a game-changer."


"[PatientsDB] has provided us with greater insight into the component costs of patient care and improved accuracy in tracking revenue, helping us identify contribution margins for every service we offer. It’s also been highly valuable with insurer negotiations."


"We not only survived, we made the hard decisions and very difficult changes that led to our hospital having the best year in decades." 


"Because we embraced change over the years (although not without some consternation), the future for SVH is very bright." 


"It [patientsDB and Sonoma Valley Hospital] turned out to be a great partnership."  


Your community hospital solution: patientsDB

  • You get a unified, precise, vastly more affordable platform for management and analytics.
  • You save tens of thousands on your current IT spend.
  • Patient-level contribution margin analytics, drill-down to line-item costs.
  • A vital new technique to complement your revenue cycle management (RCM).
  • Front-line staff engage in financial concerns. Every day.
  • Leading indicators of financial stability.
  • Identify which referrals lead to viable downstream revenue.


The patientsDB system is different: Precision. Affordability. And financial stability.
For your community hospital.


Ready to try?

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  • No-risk agreement.

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